JOY  -  compiled at 16:57:51 on Mar 17 2003 (BDW)
Copyright 2001 by Manfred von Thun
usrlib  is loaded
inilib  is loaded
agglib  is loaded
agglib  is already loaded
agglib  is already loaded
numlib  is loaded
agglib  is already loaded
seqlib  is loaded
symlib  is loaded
agglib  is already loaded
seqlib  is already loaded
numlib  is already loaded
lsplib  is loaded
lazlib  is loaded
seqlib  is already loaded
numlib  is already loaded
mtrlib  is loaded
numlib  is loaded
agglib  is already loaded
seqlib  is loaded
MTRLIB m-print mm-2bin-m mm-mul-m mm-add-m mm-bin-m ms-cbin-m ms-bin-m 
sm-bin-m m-transpose-m mm-horcat-m mm-vercat-m mm-samedimensions 
mm-conformable m-dimensions vv-bin-m v-e-diag-m v-zdiag-m v-1col-m 
v-1row-m vv-2bin-s vv-bin-v vv-comformable vs-cbin-v vs-bin-v 
v-invert-v sv-bin-v v-negate-v n-e-vector vv-samesize TUTLIB 
toc-do-sec0-loop toc-repeat-sections toc-do-section toc-ask-for-section 
toc-do-section0 toc-one-heading toc-of-tutorial toc-all-headings 
put-stats ini-stats expecting-from expecting get-quote get-list 
get-integer praise pausing pause LAZLIB Squares Ones Powers-of-2 Odds 
Evens Positives Naturals Filter Map From-by From-to-by From-to From 
Take Size N-th Drop Third Second Cons Uncons Rest First Null LSPLIB 
lisp l-prompt y RECFOLDR tern l2 l1 FOLDR2 FOLDL bin ini lis FOLDR lib0 
SYMLIB Min2Inf Min2Tre Min2Rev Min2Cam Min2Pol Inf2Tre Inf2Rev Inf2Cam 
Inf2Pol Cam2Inf Cam2Tre Cam2Rev Cam2Pol Rev2Tre Rev2Inf Rev2Cam Rev2Pol 
Pol2Tre Pol2Inf Pol2Cam Pol2Rev M42C M32C M22C M12C bin3ops M42T 
bin2ops M32T bin1ops M22T M12T new-infra X2Y R2I R2T R2C P2I P2T binops 
P2C I2T I2C C2R C2P C2I QUOTE unops C2T SEQLIB treesample treemap 
treefilter treestrip treereverse treeflatten treeshunt orlistfilter 
orlist cartproduct transpose delete insert-old insert merge1 merge 
mk_qsort qsort1 qsort1-1 qsort permlist insertlist powerlist2 
powerlist1 subseqlist frontlist frontlist1 scalarproduct product 
restlist flatten reversestring reverselist reverse putlist NUMLIB 
cube-root use-newton newton deriv qroots tandeg cosdeg sindeg radians e 
pi celsius fahrenheit gcd fib fact prime odd even negative positive 
AGGLIB variance average sum interleave2list interleave2 foldr2 mapr2 
fold2 stepr2 mapr pairstep from-to-string from-to-set from-to-list 
from-to zip unswons2 swons2 uncons2 cons2 null2 thirdd secondd restd 
firstd unswonsd unconsd swonsd consd nulld foldr set2string elements 
shunt string2set fifth fourth third second unpair pairlist pairstring 
pairset unitlist unitstring unitset INILIB all-libload special-libload 
basic-libload libload verbose forever repeat nullary2 i2 call dip3 dip2 
dipd sequand negate disjoin conjoin show-todaynow now today 
localtime-strings months weekdays swoncat numerical sequor boolean 
to-lower to-upper falsity truth newstack pop2 dup2 ask putstrings bell 
space putln newline USRLIB standard-setting unix find-in edit escape 
editor dir terminal control-eof vms returned RAWJOY1 quit abort include 
putchars putch put get argc argv getenv system gc setecho setundeferror 
setautoput manual helpdetail help treegenrec treerec treestep all some 
split filter primrec infra times map fold step condlinrec genrec binrec 
tailrec linrec while cond iffile iffloat iflist ifstring ifset 
iflogical ifchar ifinteger ifte branch cleave ternary binary app4 app3 
app2 unary4 unary3 unary2 unary nullary construct app12 app11 app1 dip 
x i file float user leaf list string set logical char integer in has 
equal = != < <= > >= small null body intern name enconcat concat take 
drop unswons uncons case opcase size of at compare rest first swons 
cons unstack ftell fseek fputstring fputchars fputch fput frename 
fremove fwrite fread fopen fgets fgetch fflush ferror feof fclose min 
max succ pred srand formatf format strtod strtol strftime mktime gmtime 
localtime trunc tanh tan sqrt sinh sin pow modf log10 log ldexp frexp 
floor exp cosh cos ceil atan2 atan asin acos abs chr ord neg sign div 
rem / * - + not and xor or choice pop rotated rolldownd rollupd swapd 
dupd popd rotate rolldown rollup swap dup id stderr stdout stdin rand 
time clock echo undefs undeferror autoput conts stack setsize maxint 
true false  file type  float type  list type  string type  set type 
 integer type  character type  truth value type